Prof Robinson has a passion for the following topics at corporate events and fundraisers;


  • Human rights and dignity

  • Focusing on the vulnerable population

  • Humanitarian issues

  • The criminalised child

  • Children and Women rights

  • Women empowerment

  • Victimisation etc.


Keynote speaker at the Winter Wonderland Ball.  (2017). Hosted by The Practice of Tanya M. Robinson as a fundraising event for the Teddy Bear Foundation.


Keynote speaker at the Oath-taking Ceremony.  (2017). Hosted by the North-West University for second-year students in Social Work.


International Social Work Conference. Seoul, South Korea.  (2016). Submitted two abstracts co-authored by Dr J. John-Langba to present at Conference.  “Factors Contributing to False Child Sexual Abuse Allegations in Divorce and Custody Proceedings in South Africa” and Professionals' Insight into the Backgrounds of Spouses Involved in Child Sexual Abuse Allegations during Divorce and Custody Proceedings in South Africa. Dr J. John-Langba presented the abstracts on behalf of Robinson.


Keynote speaker coordinated by the Teddy Bear Clinic. (September 2016). Sponsored and organised by the Teddy Bear Clinic.  September 2016. The topic of discussion - A systemic discussion on the cyclical pathologized family unit and the impact on the vulnerable child.


Keynote speaker coordinated by the Teddy Bear Clinic. (February 2016). Sponsored and organised by the Teddy Bear Clinic.  The topic of discussion - False child sexual abuse allegations during and after divorce proceedings.


Keynote speaker at the College of Law.  (2015). Hosted by the University of South Africa - Topic of discussion – The voice of the child. 


Keynote speaker at various Bayer Pharmaceutical medical conferences within South Africa.  (2003-2005). Sponsored by Bayer Pharmaceutical Health. 


Urology Conference in Denmark. (2005). Invited delegate to present first book “When Sex Turns Sour”. 


African World Sexual Health Conference. (2003). Delivered a paper – Sexual health in Africa and the impact of sexual dysfunction on young women. 


North-West University. (2017). Workshop for Social Work students at the Department of Health Science.  Interviewing and Report Writing.  Group: 2nd & 3rd Year Students

The University of Cape Town. (2015/2016). Guest Lecturer. Department of Social Development. (1) Best interest standards of the child. (2) Legal acts and instruments protecting children.  (3) Forensic investigation and forensic psychopathology within the dysfunctional family unit. (4) False sexual abuse allegations in divorce and custody proceedings. (5) The benefit of art therapy in forensic investigation when working with children. Group: 4th-year student.

The University of South Africa. (2016). Supervisor.  Department of Social Work. Group: 2nd and 3rd-year students. 

The University of South Africa. (2003/2004). Guest Lecturer. Department of Applied Psychology. Sexuality and the Child. Group: Undergraduate students.