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Forensic Psycho-legal Services

Forensic mental health captures the crossover between mental health and the law.

Forensic mental health clinicians, including forensic psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers, receive specialised training in the procedures and processes of the legal system and in the administration of mental health services (e.g., assessments, treatment) that are aligned with their respective scopes of practice.

Forensic mental health clinicians;

  • may assist courts by providing opinions to address medical or psycho-legal questions.

  • may provide an assessment of case matters providing an expert opinion on specific questions.

  • may provide child-specific information when children are involved in court matters.

  • may provide treatment to individuals with mental illness who are involved with the legal system.

  • employ evidence-based strategies to assist people with re-entering the community after incarceration and to minimize the risks of institutionalization. Because they have received education and training in laws and regulations that govern mental health practice, forensic mental health experts commonly advise courts, health systems, and providers on issues relating to the regulation of mental health, mental health ethics, and other psycho-legal matters. 

  • ask empirical questions that are relevant to the courts, individuals with mental illness, public health systems, and mental health practitioners. Forensic mental health research has been instrumental in advancing assessment and care practices for this vulnerable population.

Additional Services


  • Trauma-Informed Forensic Mental Health Assessment

  • Non-adversarial Mediation

  • Investigative and inquiry-focused consultancy, project-based consultancy services.

  • Support for case management and strategic approaches within collaborative practice settings.

  • Pre-sentence report

  • Treatment Progress Report – Treatment of Impulsive, Oppositional and Anger Behaviour; Addiction treatment of sexual, and substance addictions.


  1. Enquiries should be made through the client's solicitor. Direct all enquiries to

  2. As a guideline the hourly rate is set at $400.00.​

  3. We furnish a comprehensive quotation for each assessment, outlining the total hours and associated costs. Typically, assessments do not qualify for rebates. Our payment terms are contingent on the specific conditions of the report, but in all cases, the full assessment fee must be settled prior to the release of the report, unless payment is being made through a government institution.

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