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Mental Health & Forensic Psycho-Legal Centre


Welcome to the Mental Health & Forensic Psycho-Legal Centre, where we provide Mental Health Therapeutic EMDR Trauma Services, Forensic Assessments, Risk and Safeguarding Assessments, Psychosocial-Legal Consultation and Mediation (Child-focussed, inclusive of representing the voice of the child).

Professor Tanya M Robinson

B.A. (SW) (US) M.S.D. (UP), N.E.C. (UNISA), A.H.S. (UNISA), D.Phil. (US), Ph.D. (NWU), Ph.D. (UCT), Ph.D. (UNISA)

An industry leader with 20+ years experience in mental health, forensic assessments and victimology cases. Tanya is an expert on matters of assessments and treatment. She is a passionate mental health practitioner and victimologist. Tanya is known for her warm, pragmatic approach to life challenges and in cases. 

UNISA: Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Police Practice.

NWU: Extraordinary Associate Professor, Faculty Psycho-Social Behaviour Science.

UKZN: Honorary Professor, Department of Criminal Justice.

HKMU: Visiting Honorary Professor, Faculty of Social Work.

Epworth Building.

Suite 515. 33 Pirie Street. Adelaide, 5000. South Australia.

M: 0434 375 147

O: 0870 840 100

F: 0883 111 703


Area of Expertise

Forensic Psycho-legal ServicesStandard and complex family assessments, ​Mediation - Child inclusive interviews,​ Victimology forensic assessments, Gender-based violence, family violence, domestic violence assessments,​ Sexual offending risk assessment, Stress and trauma assessments, Intergenerational loss and trauma assessment in First Nations People cases, Stalking risk assessment, Online risk, child exploitation and grooming assessment, Pre-sentence and mitigation assessments.
Mental Health Therapeutic ServicesPsycho-analytical Therapy,​ EMDR​, Trauma-informed Therapy, DBT, CBT, New Ways Family Coaching, High-conflict Family Therapy, Professional coaching and supervision.
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Forensic mental health captures the crossover between mental health and the law.

Forensic mental health clinicians, including forensic psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers, receive specialised training in the procedures and processes of the legal system and in the administration of mental health services (e.g., assessments, treatment) that are aligned with their respective scopes of practice. 


Offering forensic and psycho-legal consultations both interstate and via online platforms.

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Mental Health Patient referrals and Care Plans - Fax to: 0883 111 703


Forensic and Psycho-legal assessment enquiries, referrals and briefs - Email to: 

Offering forensic and psycho-legal consultations both interstate and via online platforms.

M: 0434 375 147

O: 0870 840 100

F: 0883 111 703

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