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Professor Tanya Robinson

B.A. (SW) (US) M.S.D. (UP), N.E.C. (UNISA), A.H.S. (UNISA), D.Phil. (US), Ph.D. (NWU), Ph.D. (UCT), Ph.D. (UNISA)

Mental Health & Forensic Psycho-Legal Specialist

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My Story

Tanya has over 20 years of experience in mental health and psycho-legal forensic science. She studied extensively in psychoanalysis, psychology, social work and criminal justice. She obtained her 4th PhD in Criminal Justice in 2021. Tanya runs a private psycho-legal mental health practice based in the CBD of Adelaide, SA. She works online with clients interstate and internationally. Tanya consults with clients experiencing a wide range of trauma incidences, psychopathology, mental health and life struggles and consults with individuals involved in Mediation, Arbitration and Court proceedings. She has particular knowledge in assisting clients who have experienced trauma. Tanya is an experienced Forensic Victimologist, Mental Health Practitioner and psychoanalyst, EMDR practitioner, Child interviewer, and accredited Mediator. She conducts specialised assessments for the Court. 

She has a particular interest and an advanced skillset and knowledge base in mental health and forensic victimology and violent crimes and crime-related injury committed against vulnerable populations, minorities and indigenous communities. She specialised in violent crimes, intergenerational trauma and traumatic community-based practices. She is the Post-graduate Certificate Victimology Course coordinator for NWU. Professor Robinson approaches matters from a deontological framework and her fourth PhD deals with violent crimes and the ethics and deontological framework of expert evidence.

She is an Ambassador for an African-based charity foundation, The Teddy Bear Clinic, providing aid and resources for vulnerable children abused in disadvantaged rural communities. The Teddy Bear Foundation provides diversion programs and court preparation for victims of violent crimes. 


She has published nine books on family assessments, divorce - "what about the children", parenting plans, best interests’ principles, child maltreatment, neglect and forensic investigation, and often contributes to academic publications. She provides specialist services in Court proceedings in Family, Civil and Criminal cases. She has a particular interest in high-risk safety cases, assessments and conducting interviews with vulnerable witnesses. 


In 2016, Vice-Chancellor Prof Dan Kgwadi and the President of the North-West University (South Africa) of Convocation, Dr Sammy Thekiso, awarded Professor Robinson the 2016 Research Excellence Award for her contribution to society and her devotion to research. Academic positions and titles:

UNISA: Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Police Practice.

NWU: Extraordinary Associate Professor, Faculty Psycho-Social Behaviour Science.

UKZN: Honorary Professor, Department of Criminal Justice.

HKMU: Visiting Honorary Professor, Faculty of Social Work.


Tanya is dedicated to safeguarding and protecting vulnerable population groups. In 2020, Professor Robinson was appointed as an executive committee member of ANZATSA (Australian and New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse).  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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