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Dr Tanya Robinson

Mental Health & Forensic Psycho-Legal Specialist.

Accredited Mental Health Practitioner.

Accredited Mediator and Registered Family Dispute Resolutions Practitioner.

Child Consultant. 

B.A. (SW) (US) M.S.D. (UP), N.E.C. (UNISA), A.H.S. (UNISA), D.Phil. (US), Ph.D. (NWU), Ph.D. (UCT), Ph.D. (UNISA), Graduate Diploma FDR 

Provider Number: 604130Y
FDR Registration Number: F2003645


Tanya has over 20 years of experience in mental health, psychoanalytical therapy and psycho-legal forensic science. Tanya is a registered mental health social worker with AASW. Tanya is an accredited mediator at the Mediation Institute. Tanya is a Dispute Resolution (FDR) Practitioner registered (F2003645) with the Attorney General's Department. Tanya is certified in New Ways Training at the High Conflict Institute, United States. Tanya has developed an assessment toolkit to facilitate assessments with children in legal proceedings, namely, "The Child's Story Box", to provide a voice to children, and obtained a certificate in interviewing vulnerable children from Griffith University. Tanya has developed a behaviour change program for crime offenders and oppositional defiant minors to navigate change in their lives, rehabilitate and restore.

Tanya is an esteemed academic who obtained a Bachelor of Arts and majored in sociology, psychology, and social work. She obtained a postgraduate diploma in education. Tanya holds a Master's Degree and has obtained four PhDs specialising in human behaviour, psychosocial legal science, and forensic science. She obtained her 4th PhD in Criminal Justice in 2021. Tanya obtained various certifications specialising in trauma-informed practice, working with honoured-based violence, and domestic and family violence. She studied extensively in working with vulnerable population groups and interviewing children. Tanya has obtained her
certification in mediation and dispute resolution. She obtained a Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution and a Property FDR Certificate.

She has a particular interest and an advanced skill set and knowledge base in mental health and forensic Victimology and violent crimes and crime-related injuries committed against vulnerable populations, minorities, and indigenous communities. She specialised in violent crimes, intergenerational trauma, and traumatic community-based practices. Tanya consults with clients experiencing a wide range of trauma incidences, including honour-based violence, family and domestic violence, psychopathology, mental health, and life struggles and consults with individuals facing legal proceedings. She has advanced training in understanding clients who have experienced trauma and is the Course Director of a Postgraduate Certificate in Victimology. She provides Professional TATRA training on the topics of High-Conflict Personalities, Psychopathy – the dark core of the personality, Gaslighting and the Art of Manipulation.

Tanya is the author of various book publications, including recent publications, i.e. "The Silenced Child", "The Symbol of No Escape", "Divorce – What about the Children?" and contributes to academic publications relating to family assessments, parenting plans and prioritising the best interest of children.

Tanya's academic appointments include the appointment of Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Law and Police Practice (Unisa); Extraordinary Associate Professor, Faculty Psychosocial Behaviour Science (NWU); Honorary Professor, College of Humanities Doctoral Academy School of Applied Human Sciences (UKZN). In 2016, Vice-Chancellor Prof Dan Kgwadi and the President of the North-West University (South Africa) of Convocation, Dr Sammy Thekiso, awarded Professor Robinson the 2016 Research Excellence Award for her contribution to society and her devotion to research in serving the rights and best interests of children. In 2020, Professor Robinson was appointed as an executive committee member of ANZATSA (Australian and New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse).

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